I am Kathy a.k.a. Oma

Recently I heard someone say that when I describe who I am in my business, I should focus on what I want to be remembered by.

It is my desire to come alongside other women, by sharing my faith, my experiences, and any wisdom and knowledge I have gained throughout my life and as I continue to learn. I hope to point younger women to Jesus. I hope to ease their worry, to help them save time, to let them know what really matters in life. I have hindsight. I also wish to help women in my season of life with tips to keep their lives simpler.

  • I am a Christian.
  • I want to encourage younger women like Titus 2 tells me to do.I want to come alongside women who are in the same season of life as I am.
  • I am grandmother to those VIP’s that call me Oma.
  • I am wife to my husband Shawn who served in the United States Navy Submarine Force.
  • I have a Goldendoodle named Cooper.
  • I drive a MINI Cooper.
  • My step-granddaughter is serving in the Marine Corps.
  • My Daddy was a professional firefighter.
  • My husband and I have a travel trailer and joined the camping a.k.a. glamping world.
  • I am an empty nester.
  • I walk A LOT.
  • I do my best thinking while I am walking.
  • I am a helper.
  • I am obsessed with learning.
  • I want to share what I learn. I am eager to share what works for me.
  • I love using technology to help make my life easier.
  • I love sharing technology tips to help others simplify their lives.
  • I seek to have a minimalistic lifestyle.

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How Can I Be Saved? ABC's of Salvation

Most times at the end of every sermon, my pastor explains the ABCs of salvation.
I have re-created them in my own words and used the NIRV version for the scriptures that are referenced.
Grab a set for yourself here.

Free Digital Download

Mockup image of a Bible Study ToolDownload and print this Bible Study tool! Just some helpful things to think on as your study God’s Word. Keep it in your Bible.


I have an Etsy shop where I sell the SVG designs I create in Adobe Illustrator. They represent all the things I am passionate about. My blogs, my posts will be about all those things even if it’s not something I am selling. They represent me and what I want to be remembered for. You will see lots of God things. Lots of biblical SVG cut files. Lots of love for Jesus. You will see Doodle and Goldendoodle designs. You will see things about Oma and Opa because sometimes it’s hard to find them. You will see things about the military, about being a veteran. You will see things that will help you get closer to Jesus. I will share things that have helped me, encouraged me, and things I have learned by.

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